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  • Tax Advisor
  • Tax returns and dual tax forms
  • Non resident tax
  • Self employment
  • Company formation/management
  • Independent conveyancing
  • Wills and Inheritance matters
  • Purchase and rent contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Translations
  • Vehicle transfers

Trusted accounting & Services

Jaime Villalba

About us

We are a team of independent professional Gestoria and Solicitors, experts in law and tax, with more than 20 years’ experience practicing law in Andalucia.

Our mission statement

Our goal is to offer the best tax/legal advice to our clients, which meets even the highest of expectations. We have a commitment to giving an efficient and prompt legal service in an ethical manner and at a reasonable cost.

We have our own code of ethics and confidentiality which goes beyond the Spanish Bar. We pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment, promptness, quality of work and value-added services.

Why choose us 

We offer creative and innovative legal advice to meet our clients’ needs.
We provide independent legal advice.
We place an emphasis on results which means that our clients can judge our efficiency.
We provide our clients with prompt legal advice on a timely basis.
We have a wide vision of the legal and financial aspects of each transaction we are involved in.
We are fully equipped to provide legal advice via the Internet and have successfully resolved legal issues for clients using this media. We have Internet technology to assist in our practice e.g. access to legal databases.
Our adaptability to the continuous changes in the Spanish legal system, new markets, economic globalisation and advances in technology keeps us at the peak of our profession so our clients get the very best service.
Our network of contacts allows our clients access to different auxiliary services in many types of business sectors and transactions (e.g. architects, surveyors, engineers and builders).
We have offices in Albox (Almería).

Innovative Accounting Solutions

Innovative Accounting Solutions

We understand your business and offer innovative bespoke accounting solutions.

Clever Business Startup Support

We offer a full range of accountancy and tax services for start-ups.

Intelligent Tax Strategies

You can trust us to provide you with the most efficient and effective tax solutions.

Effective Payroll and VAT Services

We offer a comprehensive payroll and VAT service to save you time and hassle

Smart Financial Management

We work with you to ensure the financial success of your business.


Switching Accountants Made Easy

We make it easy for you to switch to us without any hassle

Sometimes we make the process more complicated than we need to. We will never make a journey of a thousand miles by fretting about how long it will take or how hard it will be. We make the journey by taking each day step by step and then repeating it again and again until we reach our destination.

–  Joseph B. Wirthlin

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